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What is General Conference?

general conference 2016

So! I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, sometimes known as Mormons. We are Christians - we read the Bible, we believe in Christ, etc. But a major difference between us and other Christian sects is that we read The Book of Mormon (where the nickname Mormon comes from). The Book of Mormon is a book of scriptures just like the Bible that tells the story of the people in the Western Hemisphere in the years leading up to and following Christ’s birth. It’s another testament of Jesus Christ.

And! We believe that we have a living Prophet today! And he has twelve Apostles, just as Christ had when he lived on the Earth. They hold the keys of the same priesthood that Christ and his apostles held in ancient times. And through that priesthood, our church was organized in the early 1800’s and continues to be organized today. Along with the Prophet and his Apostles, we have General Authorities, people set apart with that priesthood to serve in specific roles in our worldwide church.

And every six months, we get to hear from our Prophet and his Apostles and also select General Authorities; this meeting is called General Conference. They give talks expounding scriptures, telling inspirationals stories, and giving counsel for our modern problems in an ever changing world. Anyone - on or out of the church - can watch or listen. It’s 10 hours of uplifting messages.

And guess what? The next General Conference is just a month away - April 2nd and 3rd. In anticipation of that, I thought I’d share some amazing quotes from the last General Conference in October for the next few weeks. They will also be available as stickers in my shop. So keep an eye out.

And if there are any favorites from last conference - or any previous conferences - that you want me to add, let me know!

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