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10 Best Parts of Heartstopper Season 1

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

10 Best Parts of Heartstopper Season 1

Heartstopper blew my mind and melted my heart the first time I watched it. And it has every time I've watched it since. Here are my favorite parts of Season 1!

1. First Meeting

Just in the first five minutes of episode one, we get SO. MUCH. GOODNESS. They're first meeting is so adorable.

2. The Characters

All the characters - main and supporting - are just fantastic. Well written and well played.

3. Tori Spring

As an older sister, I really connected with Tori, even though we're pretty different personality-wise. She is so sweet.

4. Snow Day (& Nick’s Homemade Birthday Present)

Nick & Charlie Snow Day

Their first true hang out day and Nick's homemade birthday present. *chef's kiss*

5. The Hugs

I love all of the sweet physical intimacy. These boys love hugging.

6. The Kisses - THE kiss, kissing in the rain, kissing in the corridor

And, of course, the kissing! Perfection.

7. The *Mood*

Need I say more?

8. The *Moments*

This is honestly just a catch all for the *moments* that makes me feel all fuzzy inside.

9. Nick Coming Out to His Mum

Nick coming out to his Mum

This coming out scene is so beautiful and sweet and pure. Sarah Nelson? Love her.

10. Their Date

Aaaaaand the greatest end to Season 1 - their date at the beach.

What are your favorite parts of Heartstopper Season 1? (Or 2, honestly.)

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