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10 Best Moments of Gilmore Girls Season 4

Season 4! Already halfway through! Here are some of my favorite moments!

1. Copper Boom

Rory's first day at Yale is a whirlwind, but did we expect anything less? And, of course, they came up with their own accidental catch phrase.

2. Marty

I love Marty, and honestly? I think he gets the short end of the stick. Not a huge fan of the drama that comes later with him and Lucy, but he is sweet.

3. "To find a nice person to hang out with 'til we drop dead. Not a lot to ask!"

This comment...kills me every time.

4. Kirk (& Lulu)

Kirk in this season gets quite a bit of screen time. He and Lulu get together. And the egg hunt b-plot is one of my favorite b-plots.

5. Festival of Living Pictures

The Festival of Living Pictures is amazing. And if you didn't know, it's based on the Pageant of the Masters in CA. I've been and it is incredible. All I could think about was Gilmore Girls the whole time, obviously.

6. "You need chocolate."

Don't you always need chocolate?

7. Harvard/Yale Game

Of course the fit hits the shan in this episode, but seeing Richard and Emily in Yale gear and the few moments of family bonding is worth it.

8. Yale Newspaper Hats

This is such a random tradition that I absolutely love. And, of course, Paris watched a Martha Stewart segment on making newspaper hats.

9. "Every day that you breathe you make my life harder."

This is such a Michel line.

10. Luke and Lorelai

We get the dance. The kiss. All of it. Finally.

Bonus: Dragonfly Inn

Aaaaand the opening of the Dragonfly, of course.

What are you your favorite parts of Season 4?

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