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5 Best Parts of Gilmore Girls Season 5

We have made it to Season 5! Such a fun one! Here are my 5 favorite parts!

1. Jackson Running for Town Selectman

This little plotline is so hilarious to me. It's so random and yet so weirdly perfect for Gilmore Girls. He wins. It's great. And then like...four episodes later, it's completely dropped. Taylor is just...Selectman again, and they never talk about it.

2. Logan Huntzberger (& The Life & Death Brigade)

Logan is both my favorite and least favorite of Rory's boyfriends. But you have to admit he definitely shows Rory a different world. And the Life & Death Brigade is one of those. The dressed, the jumping, the extra. It's great. There's also this little moment once they hit the ground that I've always loved. I drew it, because it's this perfect little moment of intimacy.

3. Kirk in the Hot Dog Costume

Again, such a random thing that fits Kirk's character so incredibly well.

4. Lane and Zack

Lane and Zack get together this season! I love that we follow Lane's story, too.

5. Emily & Richard

Alright, I'm sure I've said this before but I have a love hate relationship with Emily and Richard Gilmore. They definitely - DEFINITELY - have their flaws, and they're privileged, and all that. But their romance - and the arc in their relationship taken in this season in particular - is brilliant. The fighting, the separation, the iciness, the dating other people, the falling back in love, the jealousy, and the vow renewal...all so amazingly written, acted, and executed. It's so beautiful. They're whole vow renewal is so sweet, and their first dance is the best part. Richard whole spiel and them smiling the whole time...ugh, I just can't.

Bonus: Bop-it

Of course, the infamous Bop-it. It's funny that this is the only scene where we see the Bop-it on screen and used. It's referenced later, but Luke and Dean playing it together is absolute comedic GOLD.

Any favorites from Season 5?

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