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7 Best Parts of Iron Man 2

7 Best Parts of Iron Man 2

There are so many hilarious moments in this movie. But I narrowed them down to just seven.

1. Rhodey


Of course we get Don Cheadle as Rhodey starting this movie. I love him as Rhodey here and through the rest of the MCU.

2. Natasha Romanoff

Natasha Romanoff as Natalie Rushman

The introduction of Natasha! And her first scene - taking down Happy in the boxing ring - is brilliant.

3. Ivan Vanko

Ivan Vanko

Ivan is such an interesting villain. His electric whips he makes and his bird and just...everything. One of my favorite moments is when Justin Hammer shows Ivan the robot solider prototypes and he pops the head off. And Justin flinches so hard because he had just told him that they each costed million of dollars.

4. Justin Hammer

Justin Hammer

Justin is also an interesting villain. And hilarious. His interactions with Tony. His interactions with Ivan. Even his few interactions with Pepper and Natasha. All gold.

5. War Machine

War Machine

This kind of goes along with Rhodey, and the War Machine suit is only in the movie at the very end. But Rhodey in the suit and working together with Tony in the Iron Man suit is just perfect.

6. Little Kid in Iron Man Mask

little kid in Iron Man mask

I love this little scene. It's been said that the little kid is Peter Parker. And I love that idea, too.

7. Tony & Pepper Kissing

Tony and Pepper kissing

This brilliant. Not only do we get Tony and Pepper's first kiss, we get Rhodey being the awkward third wheel and telling them it looked "like two seals fighting over a grape." And then he flies off into the night with the suit.

What are you favorite parts of Iron Man2?

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