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5 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Day

The week after Valentine’s Day seems like the best time to talk about weddings. And not just because of Valentine’s Day but also because it’s almost spring! And spring means the start of the wedding season.

My husband and I had a very unconventional wedding. With a long-distance, cross border COVID relationship, we had to be really creative with location and…well, everything. So a lot of the traditional things were absent from our celebrations. Which…for me was totally fine, because there is a lot about traditional weddings that don’t seem necessary to me.

But! There are some really fun things you can do to personalize your wedding - or remember it!

wedding digital portrait

1. Portraits

Engagement or wedding photos make beautiful digital portraits. They’re all the rage right now and I think they look fantastic. You can get them printed on…well, anything - canvases, mugs, you name it.

guest book

2. Guest book

I’ve never completely understood the concept of a guest book, but if it’s something you want and will use to look back on your reception, making it more you would be even better! Your name, wedding date, a picture, or even the portraits I mentioned above!

wedding reception decor

3. Signs for your reception

Personalized signs are also huge right now and have been for a while. Whether they tell your guests where to sit or what they’re eating, they’re a great way to make your wedding all yours.

home decor

4. Wall décor

For after the big day, wall décor to go along with your wedding photos is a great way to remember the memories you made.

cutting board

5. Kitchen gadgets

The same ideas as the wall décor, your name, wedding date, colors, etc. can be put on pretty much anything. Cutting boards, cups/mugs, towels, napkins, coasters… The possibilities are endless.

I love looking back on pictures of my wedding. And I’m grateful for the little things that remind me of the person I fell in love with and got to promise my life to.

If any of these ideas resonate with you, get in touch and we can work together to bring your dream to life!

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