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5 Easter Decorations Ideas

Easter is coming! I...grew up of course with the traditional idea of Easter. Dying eggs. Egg hunts. Bunnies. Baskets. Chocolate. And a little bit of Jesus thrown in on Sunday and...stuff like that. I know having little kids, my parents did the best they could to keep us interested while also including Jesus in the discussion. There also aren't a whole lot of direct connection icons/images that are used around Easter. At least for little kids to understand.

You think about Christmas and there's the tree and the ornaments and the presents. And then of course there's nativity scenes. Easier - at least in my opinion - to teach kids. And, of course, to decorate!

As I've gotten older, I've found and seen a lot of really cute and elegant Easter decorations that invoke both the Easter eggs and bunny cuteness and the more religious aspects of Easter.

1. Wreaths

Easter wreath

Wreaths are not just for Christmas anymore. I've seen wreaths for every single holiday. And the Easter wreaths I found...are so gorgeous. You can find so many resources to make them yourself or buy them at craft stores, etc. And they're beautiful.

2. Canvas/Poster

Jesus canvas on a wall

Wall décor is pretty basic knowledge, but there are so many to choose from or make or find. And they're so versatile. Bunnies. Eggs. Words. Jesus. The tomb. The cross. And they're so easy to store and pull out and stick on a piano or bookshelf or the wall.

3. Baskets

decorated Easter basket

Baskets are also super versatile. And of course, Easter just screams baskets. And they're so cute. And they can have multiple uses. My mom has a set of plastic eggs in a basket with scriptures about Jesus inside. And it's like a Christmas advent calendar, a countdown to Easter.

4. Cross

Easter cross and scripture

The cross is an all year decoration for many people. But especially around Easter, the empty cross is a beautiful reminder of Christ raising from the dead.

5. Tomb Scene

Easter tomb scene

And on that same line, I remember the first time I saw a tomb scene sculpture and I fell in love. Just as we put out a nativity scene, putting out an empty tomb...just feels so beautiful, symbolic, and hopeful. There are the ones like pictured above, where there are flowers and things growing. And there are wooden ones and stone one and ceramic ones. Just search Google or Etsy for "Easter tomb scene" and you'll find something that will work for you. (And if you don't, let me know and maybe we can work something out.)

However you celebrate Easter, there are so many options to decorate and see Easter in your home.

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