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10 Best Moments in Gilmore Girls Season 3

Back again with Season 3 of Gilmore Girls! I've loved Gilmore Girls for years. And I've seen all of the seasons so many times I've lost count! So here are my top 10 favorite moments of season 3!

1. Lane Kim

I love Lane with my whole heart. And this season, we see a lot of her story. She meets and falls in love with Dave. She joins his band. She dyes her hair purple (and then dyes it back). There are a lot of things that set up the rest of her story, and it's really exciting and stressful.

2. "Major Disappointment speaking."

Major Disappointment speaking

This scene is just...hilarious. Emily calls the Inn and Lorelai answers "Independence Inn." And Emily says, "You should really identify yourself when you answer the phone at work." So Lorelai says "Sorry. Independence Inn. Major Disappointment speaking. Better?" I had to include it.

But also Lorelai's relationship with Emily shifts a lot this season. There are a lot of ups and downs.

3. Reverend Skinner and Rabbi Barans

Reverend Skinner and Rabbi Barans

The relationship that these two have is adorable. Enough said.

4. Dance Marathon

Lorelai and Rory at dance marathon

This is one of my all time favorite episodes. All of the drama is perfectly cushioned in the fascinating and hilarious backdrop of the dance marathon.

5. Jess and Rory

Jess and Rory

I know that Jess is a controversial character. And I get it. But I think if they had met/gone out later, after he figured himself out and stopped being a brooding bad boy? I dunno. Maybe it would've been different. It's also, you know, 20/20 hindsight. Jess really wasn't the greatest boyfriend.

6. Flashback Episode

This episode is fascinating. We get a glimpse of Lorelai and Christopher's relationship as teenagers, Lorelai's relationship with her mom as a teenager, and the day Rory was born. We see Lorelai fall in love so instantly with Rory, and it's so so sweet. And we also see the heartbreak Emily has when Lorelai leaves, something I don't think she ever fully grasps. And all of that is on top of Sherry giving birth to GG. It's emotionally charged episode.

7. Taylor Doose

Taylor's button...just makes me laugh. It is so perfectly Taylor. The writing on it. How MUCH writing there is on it. And the very specific and kinda lame discount on Stovetop Stuffing. *chef's kiss* And "If you have any complaints about me, you may take them up with me" is a WHOLE mood. And we get A LOT of Luke and Taylor interactions that are absolute gold.

8. "World's Largest Pizza"

"World's Largest Pizza"

Rory putting so much work into Lorelai's birthday is adorable. And the "World's Largest Pizza" - and all the things that lead up to it (like Kirk's cheese burns and the conversations they have about the logistics of a pizza that big) - is the best part. My family owns a pizza place, so that just makes it hundred times funnier to me.

9. Jess's Dad

Jess Mariano's dad

Ok. Again. Jess's choice of dropping everything - including Rory - and dipping to the West Coast was not good. But I had to include his dad just for the scene where Luke goes to his hotel room and threatens to put his head through a wall. I just love protective Luke.

10. Rory's Graduation

Of course, Rory's valedictorian speech gets me every. Single. Time.

Bonus: Kirk as the Mailman

Kirk as Mailman

This is a hilarious detail to me. Kirk's many jobs are the best running joke. And the fact that he's the worst mailman and that that bugs the heck out of Lorelai and Rory because they're anxiously waiting for Rory's acceptance letters is just icing on the cake.

What are your favorite moments in Season 3 of Gilmore Girls?

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