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10 Best Moments in Gilmore Girls Season 2

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

I've been drawing my way through Gilmore Girls! And I (painstakingly) narrowed down my favorite moments in Season 2 to just 10.

1. "You're Reading Me."

Lorelai's newspaper veil has always been one of my favorite scenes.

2. "Welcome to The Cheshire Cat!"

Rory and Lorelai's stay at the Cheshire Cat is so hilarious and secondhand stressful.

3. Luke and Jess

We get so much Luke and Jess in this season, and I love it. The progression of their relationship over the show is so good.

4. The Fashion Show

Lorelai and Emily dancing down the runway to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"...iconic.

5. Rory's Portrait

This little subplot in this episode cracks me up. But also, this portrait is amazing.

6. Bid On A Basket

The whole Bid On A Basket event is sweet. And all the drama ensues!

7. The Rx 2002

...I wanted one. Not gonna lie.

8. Lane Finding The Drums

Lane sitting at the drums for the first time...and also her calling Rory later to squeal about finding her calling... I love Lane.

9. "Geller & Gilmore: we even have the G thing going."

Paris and Rory as student president and vice president, ya know, ends up not working out great. But it definitely sets up a lot of iconic moments.

10. Sookie and Jackson

Ok. I adore Sookie and Jackson. Their relationship is so sweet. And this season gives us their proposal and wedding!

Bonus: A Film by Kirk

And, of course, we can't forget Kirk's short film!

What are your favorite moments from Season 2?

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